We create our products with inspiration from the Scandinavian design concept, where simplicity, minimalism, and functionality are central.

But design goes beyond what your eyes tell you about our products – it’s also a philosophy that works behind the scenes.

“How” you might ask?

The design philosophy walks hand in hand with our aim to create value beyond ourselves in several ways:

-Instead of focusing on what’s the latest trends, the pillars of the Scandinavian concept result in timeless pieces – which makes our products relevant not only today but also for the next decades since they become easy to combine with your outfits. Thus, they could serve as a perfect piece for the capsule wardrobe (In case you haven’t heard about a capsule wardrobe yet: It is a collection of a few essential pieces of clothes that harmonize with each other. The idea is to mix and match those key pieces in different variations without needing a lot of different items). And the longer you can use a product – the more sustainable it will be.

-By choosing materials for the products that make value creation beyond ourselves possible – from protecting people and communities from health and environmental risks on a local level to preventing wildfires, droughts, and melting ice on a global level.

-Our products are designed for people like you who have a special mindset. This mindset goes beyond common needs and ways of thinking (for example beyond the individual-only needs in consumption) by extending to the desire to make a significant impact on the world around us. It’s in your hands our design concept becomes meaningful – it’s first by then value creation beyond ourselves is realized.

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