You probably wonder, “Why another fashion company when there are already thousands of them?”

As a consumer, it’s not easy to know about how your fashion items are manufactured and what impacts they have on the environment and people (especially on the factory workers). Unfortunately, next to the oil industry, the fashion industry is considered the second largest polluter in the world (, and this has a significantly negative impact on the environment. However, it doesn’t stop there, because the environmental problems together with poor working conditions including exploitative labor practices, badly built manufacturing infrastructure (, low wages and lack of unionization causes serious health, safety and economic consequences. Thus there are significant sustainability issues in the fashion industry.

As a consumer, it’s not easy to know about how your fashion items are produced and which impacts they have on the environment and people (especially on those producing the items).

Therefore, our impact is not only about how we create environmental and social values through the production and design of the products – it’s also about contributing to increased environmental and social awareness. Visit Blog

In the broader picture, we aim to excel on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal number-12, which calls to ensure responsible consumption and production patterns.

In a world where it’s not uncommon to find barriers between people, we are proud to include team members from around the world. While we differ in cultural backgrounds and skills, we are united in reaching our vision and thus make a meaningful impact in the world through our creations.

“The Poli” comes from the Bengali word polimati. The word describes the most fertile alluvium soil of the green delta in Bangladesh - home to the most sustainable plant fiber on the planet, jute, that makes value creation beyond ourselves possible.

We create our products with inspiration from the Scandinavian design concept, where simplicity, minimalism, and functionality are central.

But design goes beyond what your eyes tell you about our products – it’s also a philosophy that works behind the scenes.

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