One might very simply describe The Poli as an “Eco-Friendly Bag & Accessories Company”. However, while this is true from a manufacturing point of view, we believe we are something much more than that…

We focus on something that few, if any, established fashion company has chosen to focus on: Strongly Sustainable Fashion.

At The Poli, we happen to carry a desire to make the world more sustainable through greatly designed bags and accessories by setting a higher standard, not only to every detail in our production but to the industry as a whole. We see ourselves as an aspiration for a more sustainable tomorrow and believe that achieving this aspiration partly can be solved by what we choose to carry in daily life. Thus, we are not for everyone, but for those that carry an aim for change and a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our Story

Traversing from East to West and experiencing industrial pollution to mass consumption, we came to an idea to reduce the environmental footprint. This through careful selection of products for the global market, starting with the bag industry. We often overlook how a product is manufactured and what kind of materials are used in our day-to-day consumption. However, our choice of purchase has huge impacts both on the environment and human health. Since the consequences of this careless consumption are more evident now than ever, it is time to scrutinize our behavior and take our responsibility towards the people and the planet.

Due to our strong commitment to make a change we were inspired to establish our company in the beautiful Scandinavian capital Stockholm. This seemed like the perfect place after meetings with like-minded people showing a strong Swedish commitment to incorporate environmental thinking into their business mission. There is consequently a strong leadership towards environmental protection that is reflected both in research, innovation and the fashion industry, which we are dedicated to be a part of.

Brand Name

The Poli comes from the Bengali word polimati. It represents the most fertile alluvium soil of the green delta in Bangladesh. This special soil type allows many kinds of crops and vegetables to grow without requiring any fertilizer input. As our products are the result of environmentally friendly crops growing in the heartland of the world’s largest delta this soil plays a central role, thus a natural choice when it came to choosing a name for our brand.

Our environmental mission

We are a not a company that want to improve our environmental standards only because the general public expects us to. Our company offers high environmental standards in our products and sees this as equally important as great design and functionality. Therefore you can always recognize The Poli’s products through a high environmental standard and fashionable design without tampering with great quality and functionality.

Our Materials-a higher environmental standard

Because of our inherently strong environmental focus, it’s natural to choose the absolute best environmentally friendly materials that exist on earth. Therefore, The Poli is offering bags, made of the most sustainable natural fiber jute and ecological cow leathers, to our customers around the world.

Curious about the materials that we work with?

Jute: Jute is the most sustainable plant fiber on the planet. It has the lowest Carbon footprint among all fibers that we use in our daily life. A hectare of jute plant cultivation takes out 15 tons of Carbon-di-oxide from the atmosphere and also release 11 tons of Oxygen during its 100 days production cycle. Further, the production of Jute requires very little to no fertilizer. Ecological cow leathers: Our cow leathers are tanned with natural oil obtained from different parts of plants including wood, barks, fruits, fruits pods and leaves. It makes the leathers favorable for both the environment and human health. This, compared to other tanning processes where crome often is used which can be very harmful to the people working in production. Please go to our FAQ-section to know more about ecological cow leathers.

High environmental standards not only depends on the materials used, it also calls for the importance of several production aspects. We want to go further than the sustainable resource use by combining a regenerative design concept together with ethical business and leadership from our manufacturing to business offer.

Our regenerative design concept will restore soil and water resources from the degraded conditions. As our consumption pattern left an adverse impact on our global soil and water resources, we are replacing traditional consumption pattern by transforming the way we produce and consume goods and resources starting with the bag industry. Our initiative is to uphold United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal number-12 that calls to ensure responsible consumption and production patterns.

We are also committed to create positive societal change through our core values of ethical business and leadership. We will value the welfare of factory workers-not just our profit margin and business growth. Currently, we are sourcing our products from compliance factories, which maintains standard wage and good working environment for the workers and strive to have our own production unit in the future. Leadership means that we will be an icon for other companies to follow and be inspired by.

As The Poli is here to lead the way and be an example to the rest of the world our journey will never end. We will always strive to do things better by keep thinking outside the box. Our ‘zero waste policy’ is implemented in the production plan through converting wastage of materials into usable resources. For example, we are producing card-wallet from wastage leathers that are generated during the production of our leather bags. Through our continuous production improvements efforts we also strive to reduce waste as well as resources such as water and energy consumption in the production process. We also hope to be able to use recycled water and renewable sources for energy in our future production plan, in order to reduce environmental impacts further.

Our Team

We have a diverse team differ in background, nationalities and skills. Azim is the founder of the Poli. He holds two MSc in Environmental Science. He has experience in international trade. He is from Bangladesh. Amanda designed our logo. She is also a designer of our jute bags. She studied visual arts and music and a self-taught in designing. She is from Sweden. Eleonora designed our web-layout and additional pages. She holds a degree in web graphic designing. She is based in Rome, Italy. Kibria coordinates production of our bags. He has strong expertise in jute and leather products development. He holds a degree in leathers products engineering. He is from Bangladesh. Olof is responsible for strategic management of the company in Sweden. He is doing his Masters in Information Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. We also have collaboration with additional designers, marketing, PR and salespersons.