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Our partner factories with whom we are collaborating for production of the bags in Bangladesh are compliance in-terms of maintaining proper factory safety procedures as well as fair wage of the workers. Further, we plan to contribute to the factory workers welfare and environmental research from our business growth.

About our ecologically tanned leather

The traditional ways of tanning produces either full-chrome leathers or semi-chrome leathers. In full-chrome production, the leathers are mainly tanned by Chromium salt, without using any vegetable extract. In semi-chrome production, the tanning ingredients consists of 50% Chromium salt and 50% of vegetable extracts. Chromium is a heavy metal and the Chromium salt that is used is likely to discharge in the water and enter the food chain. It can also impair worker’s health in the factory during production. Chromium becomes harmful when it comes in contact with water such as during rain or snow fall. When the wet chrome tanned leather comes in touch with the human body, it can cause harm to health. This risk is high when the raw side of the leather is not sealed with lining, film etc. properly. Therefore the ecological tanning procedure is favourable for both the environment and human health.

We suggest your leather bag not to be wet. If it does wet in rain or snow, the water should be wiped out by clothes as soon as possible. Please avoid drying the bags either with oven or hair-drier, which may cause crack on the leathers. Also, please avoid continuous exposure of sunlight to dry the leathers and avoid the use of water to clean the leathers. Leather conditioner can be applied once the leather is dried.
In-case of dust cleaning, we recommend using a soft brush or wipe with a cloth without rubbing to avoid surface damage. We also propose not to keep your leather bags in dump environment, which is favourable to develop fungus as well as damage the color and durability of the leathers. We advise occasional applications of a leather cream or balm, which helps replacing natural oil and increase water resistance as well as clean, soften and protect the products. However, be aware that applying cream, balm or conditioner is likely to darken the finishing of the leathers slightly.

Our leather bags produced with vegetable tanned leathers sourced from Thailand, Italy and Bangladesh.

Since vegetable extracts is used in the ecological process natural marks such as hair root, growth marks etc. are easily noticeable in this type of leather. One of the special characteristics of our ecological tanned leathers is that when the leather is pressed or pulled, the color disappears and reappears after a short while. One can also spot this through the uneven color on the surface. Also, in ecologically tanned leathers, a patina will start to appear after a few months use and exposure to sunlight which creates extra beauty with wonderful color development.

About Jute

Jute fiber is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. Also, it requires low to almost no fertilizers and pesticides for production of the jute plant. Once the jute is discarded, the biodegraded jute acts as a fertilizer in the soil.

We recommend not to wash our jute bags. If it becomes wet, please dry it naturally. You may use cloth pad with liquid detergent and cold water to remove dirt and allow it to dry naturally.

Order process, shipment etc.

Yes, we are shipping globally.

It may take 4-5 days depending on your country of residence.

If you change your mind and wish to cancel your order after the transaction, you need to do it as soon as possible and within 24 hours after placing the order. We will then take necessary measures to refund you and avoid the shipping cost.

You have the right to return the product in its original and undamaged conditions within 14-days of the products arrival to your address of delivery. However, you need to bear shipping cost in-case of exchange or return of the product. The Poli is not liable to refund you shipping cost.

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