Desire To Bring Higher Standards To The Smallest Details

"At The Poli, we carry a desire to make the world more sustainable through greatly designed bags and accessories by setting a higher standard, not only to every detail in our production but to the industry as a whole. We are not for everyone, but for those that carry an aim for change and a more sustainable tomorrow"

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Our logo represents the Bengali river delta, Poli, with its fertile alluvium soil.

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Why do we require a sustainable consumption pattern?

That the world population is constantly growing and that we are depleting natural resources (water, soil, minerals etc) faster than ever to fulfill the demand from this population might not feel like news. But that the population is expected to go from about 7 billion to around 9.6 billion by 2050, according to United Nations […]

  • 31 Jul
Nya väskmärket värnar om både människa och miljö

The Poli är ett miljövänligt väskföretag med visionen att skapa en positiv miljö- och samhällsförändring genom hållbar resursanvändning, regenerativ design och etiskt företagande och ledarskap.

  • 28 Nov
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Minimal environmental Impacts: new vision about bag industry

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