The Leather Laptop Sleeve





Story: Italian-Spanish designer Diana knows the value of taking good care of her laptop. For this reason, she designed this sleeve as an essential and kind assistant in everyday life, that not only takes care of the laptop – but also protects the environment and people since the leather is tanned without chrome. And, as the leather raw material is sourced from circular farms, substantially reducing CO2 emissions compared to industrial farms, this laptop sleeve is designed for impact makers.

This product is part of The Poli’s laptop sleeves collection


  • MacBook laptop sleeve made from high-quality ecologically tanned Chrome-free cow leather
  • Inside lining with cotton fabric
  • Fits MacBook Pro 13’’ (2016 and later version), Macbook air 13” (2018 and later version), and Macbook pro 15” (2013 and later version)
  • Easy-opening system, thanks to the magnetic snap fastener
  • Net weight is between 400 and 500 gm based on the size of the MacBook
  • Scandinavian  design
  • Product code: DG 820B
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