Leather Semi-holder




The Poli RFID Leather Semi-holder

Product code: DN 1123a

Story: The Poli Leather Semi-holder  was designed by a young Swede David Nygren. He is from Sweden. He designed the item as a part of his studies when he was 18. The product was envisioned from a realization that there needed to be an alternative that combines classical ageless leather semi-holder with the contemporary design to fit the modern life. The foremost important adaptions to modern life in the product are total skimming protection and swift and easy scanning facility. David managed to combine the new and  old designs incorporating unique solutions in the Poli wallet items. He was granted an honorary award for his creation. The inspiration has set him to pursue a Master in Design and Product development at Linköping University, Sweden now.

Product details:

  • Complete protection of RFID equipped debit and credit cards from scan, read and duplicated
  • Made from high quality ecological tanned cow leathers
  • Lining with RFID blocking fabrics in the main card-slots
  • Scandinavian  design
  •  Made for efficient and smart use with a modern lifestyle in mind
  • The extendable part with one card slot is scan-able. It is suitable to keep scan-able card such as public transport card (eg. SL in Stockholm, Sweden) for easy use without having to remove from slot
  • Seven card slots incorporated in the product in total, six on the main body and one on the extendable part
  • The semi-holder has a height of 8 cm and width of 9 cm