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In a world where it’s not uncommon to find barriers between people, we are proud to include team members from around the world. While we differ in cultural backgrounds and skills, we are united in reaching our vision and mission and thus make a meaningful impact in the world.

Mohammad Azim – CEO

Mohammad is the founder of Poli. He holds two MSc in Environmental Science, the second one from Stockholm University. He has first-hand research experience in the areas of solid waste management and environmental pollution and urban air pollution. He also worked with Start-Up and international trade development. Born in Bangladesh but living in Sweden, his mission is to lead a team that will break the currently unsustainable production and consumption patterns in the fashion industry by setting a new environmental and social standard.

Oscar Rino Granstrom – CMO

Oscar is a co-founder who holds a Masters’s in Marketing from Stockholm University. With a background from various industries in sales and marketing, he is primarily responsible for making The Poli a globally attractive brand that inspires the customers to create value beyond themselves.

Diana Giaisa Rinaldi – Design Consultant

Diana is an Italian-Spanish product-service system designer with a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from ISIA Roma design school, Italy. She follows a cradle-to-cradle design philosophy and focuses on the product life cycle and the user-product interaction as key elements of her designs. Diana’s main responsibility is to make our customers not only want our products because they’re sustainable, but also because they can’t take their eyes off the design and because the function goes beyond their expectations.

Stephanie Koch – CSO

Stephanie is an Environment and Climate Change Expert. She studied at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science and at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria) for her Master’s program in Environmental Science. Stephanie is the internal eye to ensure that sustainability permeates all practices of The Poli and also contributes to our blog.

Rubel Amin – CTO

Rubel is our IT expert who is responsible for providing technical support related to website development, landing pages, updates, etc. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (Bangladesh). 

We also work with partners from all over the world within the areas of design, marketing, and sales, production, and sustainability.

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