The need for sustainable fashion

As a consumer, it’s not easy to know about how your fashion items are manufactured and what impacts they have on the environment and people (especially on the factory workers).

Unfortunately, next to the oil industry, the fashion industry is considered the second largest polluter in the world (, and this has a significantly negative impact on the environment. However, it doesn’t stop there, because the environmental problems together with poor working conditions including exploitative labor practices, badly built manufacturing infrastructure (, low wages and lack of unionization causes serious health, safety and economic consequences. Thus there are significant sustainability issues in the fashion industry.

This begs the question: How can the fashion industry become more sustainable?

The easy answer would be that fashion companies take full responsibility, with or without government intervention. However, this hasn’t yielded necessary results so far (source), and we are left with the hope that new fashion companies with genuine sustainability offers dominate the market and/or that consumers put their foot down and only consume sustainable fashion.

This is where The Poli enters the picture, because we aim to become a sustainable fashion brand that not only set a new sustainability standard in the industry through the manufacturing and design of products, but also by contributing to increased environmental and social awareness among consumers through our sustainable fashion blog, social media and partnerships. We believe in people like you, to make a difference for the environment and people, and we want to be your partner on this journey.

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