The products that we use in our daily lives can create massive environmental footprints and health burdens if we are not aware of where and how what we buy is manufactured. It requires about 2 billion barrels of oil to serve the plastic bag industry annually and it then takes anything from 400 to 1000 […]

  • 27 Sep
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How we can be a Catalyst for a resilient future in the time after Covid-19

In 1992, The Agenda 21 action plan was proposed to reduce the human impacts on environment, forests and biodiversity at local, regional and global levels during the Earth Summit at Rio De Janeiro (Cohen, 2020; UN, 1992). However, the recommendation was not followed which has put ourselves and the Earth subject to great damage. There […]

  • 21 May
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Why do we require a sustainable consumption pattern?

That the world population is constantly growing and that we are depleting natural resources (water, soil, minerals etc) faster than ever to fulfill the demand from this population might not feel like news. But that the population is expected to go from about 7 billion to around 9.6 billion by 2050, according to United Nations […]

  • 31 Jul
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Nya väskmärket värnar om både människa och miljö

The Poli är ett miljövänligt väskföretag med visionen att skapa en positiv miljö- och samhällsförändring genom hållbar resursanvändning, regenerativ design och etiskt företagande och ledarskap.

  • 28 Nov
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